Almost there!

Monday was a long hot drive on I-40. Needles was 122 degrees. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that hot a temperature!

Today was much more temperate. We left Flagstaff, AZ. and arrived in Las Vegas, NM. about 4. Beautiful countryside.

Fowler tomorrow. Our realtor will let us in. Home!

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And so, we go. 

After what has to be the longest day ever, we finally received a phone call from the driver of the car transport vehicle. 

We have booked two adjoining rooms in Flagstaff, AZ, for tomorrow night. We are really hoping the road rises up to meet us and we get to Fowler before the movers and the transporters!!!

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Laundry night

Since the washer and dryer are probably half-way to Colorado now, we found it necessary to find a laundromat in Camarillo. They are rated. Although not the highest ranked, the Fluff and Fold was three doors down from Trader Joe’s. And I’m going to need dark chocolate. 

Did you know that the washer was $6?  Holy Moly! The dryer was .25 for every five minutes. I am out of touch. 
Tom Petty says it best: “the waiting is the hardest part.”

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Cleaning Day

So, up at 5:45! Pre-cleaning before the cleaning crew gets here!  

Why do we do this!?!

Good team, tho’. And yesterday’s big nightmare? Our sweet realtor Betsy Dillon will be there for us to open up for the moving van. Phew!

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Moving Day

So here it is: the nightmare. We were told yesterday, the movers would be here at nine o’clock and they arrived at six forty-five. Also Jim called the movers and told them not to arrive in Fowler before July first. That message never got recorded. The problem is we don’t know when the Miata will be picked up (car movers recommended by moving company).So I am hoping and Jim is stressing that we make it back to Colorado in time to let the movers into our house. Ah, me…


T-minus 2 days and counting…

Down to the nitty-gritty, folks. Spectrum went back to the store and we have our phones only. It will be interesting to see what we miss, if anything, without television and internet! I, secretly, am looking forward to the break. 


Leaving. Arriving. A very different kind of road trip.


The Mighty Pacific Ocean I will be leaving.


Beautiful lakes, rivers, and majestic mountains I will be experiencing!

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