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Baby gets hitched, 3


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Baby gets hitched, 2

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Baby gets hitched. A picture album because words don’t do justice.¬†

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What can I say? I love the southwest. Gorgeous scenery and regional (hot! Oh my goodness hot!) peppers on a breakfast burrito from a place that has burlap bags of coffee beans sitting on the floor when you walk in. … Continue reading

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New Mexico never disappoints 

Alas, most of the trees in Colorado have had  a viscous wind recently blow all their leaves off. However, we’re seeing a bit of golden and green in this state.


Autumn 2017

This Wednesday will be the start of our first post-retirement road trip. I cannot tell you how many years I have been waiting to travel when leaves are turning in the fall. This trip has a joyous destination. My baby … Continue reading


A Day Away

After 2- 1/2 months at our old home/new garage in Fowler, CO, we decided it was time to get away. We are half-way through construction phase 2, and the contractor disappointed us, yet again. But THAT’s another chapter! We set … Continue reading

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