Almost there!

Monday was a long hot drive on I-40. Needles was 122 degrees. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that hot a temperature!

Today was much more temperate. We left Flagstaff, AZ. and arrived in Las Vegas, NM. about 4. Beautiful countryside.

Fowler tomorrow. Our realtor will let us in. Home!

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2 Responses to Almost there!

  1. Pat Beaumont / Neftin Westlake Mazda says:

    Hello Dreilings! Hope you’re getting settled into your new home! After reading about those last weeks before you left, I can see, Jim, why you weren’t able to stop by the dealership; hopefully things have calmed down a bit for you! All the best to you both; I will stay in touch and will keep an eye on the blog… very enjoyable!

    • Thanks, Pat. I became ill and didn’t realize your comment was there. We are nicely settled, now, and healthy and happy. Starting out in about 10 days for another wedding. It’s fun traveling in something other than summer. Best wishes.

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