Day Two. Pueblo, CO.


Always something when I go through New Mexico! Either a train wreck with box cars shooting everywhere or, like today, a gigantic car fire on the I-25. What I’d like to understand better is why two Tribal cars got there before the two fire-engine?


img_55691I was very happy to see a plethora of these guys before entering Pueblo. Another long driving day. We drove as the sun was rising and got to Colorado as the sun was setting. Another nice swim (a clean pool today) and ordered Chinese Take-Out delivered to the hotel.

img_55481Rain this morning and a prediction of snow! Our four dogs, who’ve never been on a trip, are loving it! Each hotel has given us 2 Queen-sized beds, and they think they own them. Gretchen saw a rabbit tonight. Tomorrow: realtor, look at houses, dog park. G’night!

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