To the Land of the Heat and Sunshine: Day One

We left Camarillo under a veil of fog and mist at 9:01 a.m. The mileage on the Miata had recently turned to 90,000. Most of these miles were roadtrip in origin. As we left a green irridescent hummingbird was feasting on my agapanthus and honeysuckle.

From the 34 north we turned onto the 118 east, then the 23 north to the 126 east. Familiar territory here. As we entered the 5 south to the 14 north, the temperature really began to climb. Sometime I would like to go back and see the Rancho Camulos Museum.

The plants changed from Junipers to Joshuas as we entered the low desert. Nothing but Creosote and Rabbit Brush with those Joshuas.
We found the 58 east and joined the 395 going north. After a few hours we passed a sign for an auto tour of Manzanar—you know, the “relocation” camp for all Japanese during World War Two. We toured in silence.


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