Pozo Saloon: March 29, 2013

So, we have this drawing that my dad had picked up from another artist at one of his shows, called Pozo Saloon or the Saloon at Pozo. My mother gave it to Jim because he had actually visited it 35 years ago while visiting someone at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

I had never been there. I had heard stories from cowboy friends of Saturday nights filled with beer and bawdiness, but I had never SEEN the Pozo Saloon. Yesterday we ventured out, as Spring Break is quickly diminishing, and drove up the 33 through Ojai, and hit the 166 somewhere past the Pistachio Store.


Ten miles past Santa Margarita Lake, down the quaintest of country lanes stood Pozo Saloon. As we drove we saw flocks of quail, wild turkey, toms and hens, deer and a magpie. In the flora world we saw Lupines, Wooly ceanothus, poppies and enough gorgeous Scotch bloom to make us swoon!

The saloon did not disappoint, either.




As is customary…
JimPozo and…JimMiataPozo

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