Badlands of South Dakota to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming: Day 19

Valentine, Nebraska, was on the 20 west. We travelled for miles in green, hot, rural Nebraska. I still LOVE Nebraska!

What a Day! What a Trip! From Valentine we went north and then west to the Badlands of South Dakota.

Yep, that’s us: in the Badlands. Jim will be scraping tar and gravel off the Miata for hours when we get home!

Sulfur & iron in the soil made for  LOVELY landscape.

Sturm und Drang in Wyoming!

We have been planning for five years to get back here and to finally see Devil’s Tower! It was amazing!! Going north on the 83 to the 90 west to get to the Badlands. It is Scenic Loop 44. Be sure to get the Bison Hot Dog at the Badlands Saloon!

From Sundance, Wyoming, we went west on the 14 to get to Devil’s Tower. Thunder and Lightning Galore! Devil’s Tower was off the 24 east. For our Anniversary dinner, we returned to Buffalo Jump Saloon in Beulah, Wyoming. Best Filet Mignon ever!

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