Day 15 & 16: One night stop in Pennsylvania & St. Louis, each

We drove from the 84 to the 380 to the 81 to the 80 leaving Connecticutt. We were really sad to go. Our new friends are a wonderful family and so kind to take us in, feed us, and let us do laundry. It is amazing how I forgot how hard traveling can be!

Happy trails and a Pennsylvanian sunset to them…

From the 80, 76 at Cuyahoga (we listened to the Pretenders) 71 at Akron ( think I should look up my friend from Ireland) and 70 at Columbus, Ohio. So GREEN! So LUSH!!!

Missouri sunset as we enter St. Louis.

As we were leaving St. Louis, Missouri….Canadian Geese!

Saw a Billboard: “Don’t Drive While In TEXTicated!” and a crazy accident…man made a U-turn while running out of gas. The traffic was backed up for miles!

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