Day Two: 94th Birthday Party for Mary Reynolds, June 30, 2012

Amelie wanted to go with Daddy! Mary wanted to hold her great-grand-daughter.

Becky the amazing cake maker! A delightful tropical-inspired birthday cake for Mary.

Jim Dreiling & Don Barr, a film-maker’s son, and close family friend since my dad arrived in California in 1929.

Lois Reynolds-Mead, birthday girl’s daughter and co-host of the party.

Mary’s grandkids Matt Lysak, Arianne Salgado, and Becky Lysak.

Cousin Jeanette Rock and Sue Dreiling. Jeanette’s dad and Mary’s dad were brothers.

Bob Reynolds & Joe Pollock…The Pollocks have been friends since Pasadena days: Joe & Joan lived on the next street over.

Precious Amelie Rose.

Joan Pollock, special friend. Mary and Joan taught together.

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