Day One: Camarillo to San Luis Obispo (Diablo Canyon), June 29, 2012

Today we left Camarillo, and with two detours from the Northbound 101, we arrived in San Luis Obispo to celebrate my mom’s 94th birthday. This is a shot from the pre-party dinner with my mom and my brother. Because before we can party, we have to party.

Here’s Jim (Mr. Miata) and our niece Ketura Reynolds. Ketura lives in Portland, Oregon, and came down for the party. Check out her sketch blog at: .

The day started nicely enough with our first couple-picture near the Miata, by our daughter, Heidi.

Up Historic El Camino Real…and one small detour onto the Nojoqui Falls Road (near Solvang off the 101).

This road ends in Solvang. Our next detour was at the Port of Avila off the 101, again. Diablo (Devil) Canyon is home to the Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo.

This is on one of the many  piers at Avila. The next few shots are from the town of Avila:

Sidewalk at Avila…

Bronze seastars on stone benches were a nice touch.  We stopped for ice cream at  a local parlor.

After saying good-bye, we continued on to San Luis Obispo.

My sister and I pose by our early-life oil paintings. So far, a great first day.

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