Day Twelve: Mesa Verde & New Mexico

An awesome view into the past.

Mesa Verde I had heard about for many years, and had expected to see some Kivas, and holes in walls. But we never expected to witness what we saw.  At 11,000 feet, we had been going up and down mountains for several days, now, but this made it all worth it.

The Main Palace

Can you imagine these people living their lives here with water storage, rooms, grain repositories, babies birthed, and old ones passing on? I marveled for an hour!

From a distance

Who decided who lived here or across the valley?

Many windows

Maybe this was their summer abode…either way, Mesa Verde was a thrill.
We moved on to New Mexico and Arizona.

Chimney Rock

Deep in Navajo country.  I love the red earth. I felt so comfortable here.

Ship rock

I would have liked to have known the Navajo names for these monuments: chimnies and ships? I don’t think so.

The end of a marvelous trip.

Home tomorrow!
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2 Responses to Day Twelve: Mesa Verde & New Mexico

  1. Caren says:

    Loved your day by day blog!!!

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