Day Six: Boise, Idaho to Swan Valley, Idaho

Idaho is still gorgeous, verdant, abundant with wildlife, yet very interesting as far as the government is concerned.

Many ranches, MANY horses!

We ate luch at Pickle’s Place in Arco which boasts being the first city in America to be powered by Atomic Energy.  As we were leaving, I saw 6 giant buses with Idaho National Laboratory written on the side.  The next morning, Jim saw 7 black surburbans and 7 white suburbans all with deeply tinted windows heading up the same route.  Very secretive! I had no idea we had a National Laboratory.  Maybe when Manhattan Project was finished? Just wondering…I am sure we will never find out.

Volcanic Cone in Crators of the Moon.

The wildflowers kind of remind me of the wildlife that grew around the lava flows in Hawai’i. This wildflower is Dwarf Buckwheat.

Miles and miles. 4,000 before we got through.

Swan Valley


The Herb Garden at the Saloon at Swan Valley

Jim liked this sign.

Llama Ranchers?

Atomically Energized!
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