Day Three: Red (Hot) Bluff to Arcata

Manzanita Bush: Doing well; protected

WONDERFUL backroads drive down a tiny two-lane highway, the 36.  On the valley side, Red Bluff was just beginning to heat up when we left this morning.  Lots of ranches: cattle, goats, sheep. As we went higher and higher, snow on Mt. Shasta. Lots of pines, manzanita, mahonia, shasta daisies, chickory.

Crazy brush

Who knew it was all about to change?
As we drove over the summit, not only did we lose the lane divider, but we added many varieties of pine, bracken fern, moss, rivers and streams.

Near summit of Shasta

Unbelieveably cool when we hit the 101 again near Eureka. Good to see the ocean again.

Orange bark on mystery tree---different form of Manzanita?

Summit Cafe





We discovered The Heid at the "J" in CSUHumbolt

Daddy & Daughter

Before I forget, if ever in Red Bluff, I recommend The Green Barn.  We had a home-made artichoke dip that was bomb, top-sirloin Cobb Salad, and an excellent home-made rhubarb pie.  Definitely worth staying away from the regular chains. See you tomorrow!
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4 Responses to Day Three: Red (Hot) Bluff to Arcata

  1. Judy says:

    Great photo! Glad you guys could go up and visit! Have a safe trip back.

  2. Matthew says:

    wait wait wait, there is a place in Humbolt called the “J”

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