Sunday Driver

Gorgeous Day in Cold, Windy, Sunny Southern California


We headed up the 118, today, destination: Santa Barbara, again. I had seen something there as we were leaving after the Tuesday eye appointment.

SNOW was on the Topa-Topas, as we exited Camarillo.

Fresh Fallen...


Quite a sight for us.

Duck Lake


I don’t know what it is really called, but this is where we would stop every month, with stale bread, on our way to Cayucos.

Santa Barbara marsh and lagoon

But THIS is what I was looking for:


“I’m a horse on a carousel, plaster mascot, who can tell?
Angels in heaven and devils in Hell, watch me round and round…”
(Buffy Sainte-Marie)

Since Dad was President of the Circus Historical Association, and we drove back to Baraboo, Wisconsin, every summer for a stint, I would ride on the Merry-Go-Rounds at the Circus World Museum for free as long as I wanted.

Gorgeous Horses

The Chariot is coming around


A Little History about its Makers


Reminds me of our Arab, Infiniti


Close-up. No disrepair, here.


Exquisite Colors


Meaghan, do you remember your one-and-only horse show?

We dressed Infiniti and Megs up in turquoise. Saddle blankets, shirts, even the horse shin guards.

The canopy portrayed scenes from Americana

For $2.00... can step back... a time...

...when life...


...was simple.

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