We don’t always go far…or Point Mugu.

Meg's visit

We have had a most pleasant visit from my eldest daughter, Meaghan.  She flew out from Michigan yesterday, and will stay through Monday night.  She will go along with me for Jim’s surgery, and then have to go back home to her own two sons and Marti.

Beach & Meg

I know she comes to see all of us, but this is a girl who was raised by the Pacific Ocean, swims in the sea, and has to get her “mermaid” time.

Matt had to work, at Barney’s of New York, so after Eggs n’ Things,Meg, Alex, Beck, Jim, and I went to the beach by the Naval shooting range. It’s also a road cut where one can find fossils, according to my paleontologist brother, or Pt. Mugu.  Lots of car commercials are filmed there. Alex, Becky, and Meaghan all took off their shoes and rolled up their jeans.

Still lookin'

There were very few people at this beach today: it has been cloudy.

Mighty Pacific

But what a nice way to unwind before Jim’s intense surgery tomorrow.

Alex, before the big one.

Alex went a little too far into the unpredictable waves.

Beck & Meg

Meg & Beck went for a sisterly walk down to the tide pools.

Time for sharing.

Who's gonna get wet?

Alex is! All he has along besides these jeans, are his tuxedo pants from last night’s catering job…can’t wear those to Rocket Fizz!

The other direction

I walked the other way towars the rifle range.  I was chasing two sea lions and a small flock of pelicans—neither of which I got pictures of.

The Edge of the Continent

I am blessed…

Food for Thought

To live by the ocean…

Pt. Mugu

…our Mother…
…from which all life…
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