Day 20:Salt Lake to Overton, Nevada

Once again, a beautiful rain storm in Utah

Gorgeous drive today.  Full of clouds and rain so hard, we couldn’t see the highway outside St. George. We went to a funky little diner called “One Man Band” Diner.

One Man Band

When you sit down and decide what you want, you pick up a red phone and give your order.  In the meantime, get coffee, juice, etc., and wait to be beeped that your order is ready! Then you get your silverware and pick up your order. Fun.

When over the border of Utah, one hits a tiny corner of Arizona

This beautiful, curving corner of Arizona, hosts the Virgin river which is as red as the hills above it.

Rock formations

The Red rocks are an unbelievable color


Sorry-Cannot get enough of these red rocks!


Would like to know how these mountains formed.


We are in Overton, Nevada tonight. It was 103 degrees when we arrived at 3:30.  we spent over an hour in a delicious 81 degree pool doing laps and floating. Tomorrow…


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