Day 19: Cheyenne to Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,

Where the deer and the antelope frolic!

All of these states could be called "Big Sky Country"

I wished I could catch a real one on the camera, but I couldn't!

Antelopes and buffalo were hunted almost to extinction, yet recovered beautifully.

On our way to Utah.

Starting to see beautiful deposits of Copper and Iron in the landscape.

The Tabernacle

I have figured out why Brigham Young chose this spot: have you ever driven down I-80 through Provo? It is horribly steep and windy!  He was tired!  He said,”This is the spot.” because he didn’t want to climb another mountain!

The elegant City Hall

And guess what? The reason we changed our course was to revisit the Red Iguana!

The door at Red Iguana

I simply have run out of superlatives…this was the BEST Mexican food in the WORLD! I had Mole Negro, and Jim had Enchiladas Suizas. Go to Salt Lake City and try this food! Unbelieveable.

Serious Mexican Food

Enjoyed by Serious Mexican Food Eaters

We are in a lovely Howard Johnson Hotel, on the third floor, in a very hot city watching the rain fall and plotting our last two days worth of driving. Tomorrow, Overton, Nevada, and Sunday HOME!

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