One high note in a long, rugged day.

As we were driving along the I-80, for the fifth time in our travels back east, we decided to stop at the Nebraska History Museum which arches over the highway. For $10, we spent a delightful hour in one of the best curated exhibits I have ever seen!

North Branch of the Platte River, Nebraska

Very hungry carp

You can feed them for a quarter

Our first pulled brisket at the b-b-q cafe

They had a fake diner set up

An early oldsmobile was on display to show early "car camping"

Jim in front of a Model T (Tin Lizzy) displaying coast-to-coast travel in 1930

Mark Twain, supposedly, stepping from a stage coach


Did you happen to notice we were both wearing headphones? As we walked along, a Union soldier gave us these headphones to listen to the vignettes of history.

One of my ancestors had left from Independence Rock, Missouri, in 1860!

Mormons going west to Salt Lake City in the 1800s

Others came by covered wagon

Thistle blooming with a delightful purple prairie flower

An actual covered wagon

...and then there's the fun posters to get one's attention...

So glad we finally stopped by!

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