Sunday, Relleno Sunday

Tristan's back yard has gone to the dogs...silly, wonderful dogs.

Photo Album of last day in Battle Creek, Michigan. Our anniversary, too.

This is Boss Hawg, Meaghan’s first dog. Sweet dog, but likes to go walk-about.  He is always smiling.


Xena: Warrior Princess German Shepherd

This is Tristan’s pride and joy.  Xena is about three years old, and loves to play “buddy”.

Daisy Duke and Xena

Meaghan has a second puppy: 8 month old Daisy. What a wonderful bundle of energy!

Sharing the water after zoom-zoom-zooming around the acerage.


Wanting to go on the computer and play video games…pout-pout.

Lovely Meaghan Lounging

Watching the dogs run in circles.

Meg & Gil in basement

Stuffed from beans and rice and home-grown chiles and nachos.

Meg & Marti...wait for it...

Beautiful Couple

One more time! Much better.

Well folks, we celebrate our sixth anniversary tommorow, and then these two old farts are hitting the road once again!

On the road again!Six years married, in love for 41. SIZE AWESOME!!!

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