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On the Road, again!

Just to San Luis Obispo for a last of summer getaway! Walk along the beach, go for a swim… After an hour long swim and dinner with Mom we drove up the edge of the continent to take a walk … Continue reading

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We are home at last!

  Ben Willie is happy to see us. We went 5,832 miles total. Plus, we got 32.54 miles per gallon in that loaded Miata. Good Job!   Where is my mint cookbook?       …and Gizmo is ready to … Continue reading

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Day 21: Overton to Camarillo, California

Gee, but it’s good to be back home. Home is where I wanna be.  I’ve been on the road so long, my friend, and if you came along, I know you wouldn’t disagree. (Paul Simon) Excellent trip, although it is … Continue reading

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Day 20:Salt Lake to Overton, Nevada

Gorgeous drive today.  Full of clouds and rain so hard, we couldn’t see the highway outside St. George. We went to a funky little diner called “One Man Band” Diner. When you sit down and decide what you want, you … Continue reading

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Day 19: Cheyenne to Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, Where the deer and the antelope frolic! Antelopes and buffalo were hunted almost to extinction, yet recovered beautifully. Starting to see beautiful deposits of Copper and Iron in the landscape. I … Continue reading

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One high note in a long, rugged day.

As we were driving along the I-80, for the fifth time in our travels back east, we decided to stop at the Nebraska History Museum which arches over the highway. For $10, we spent a delightful hour in one of … Continue reading

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Day 18: Nebraska City to Cheyenne, Wyoming

 The I-80 went on forever today. We drove 500 miles, and the hotel tonight is crappy. The endless view was fantastic.  Some moments the sky had rain; some moments it had lightening. Well, not much to report.  It is pouring … Continue reading

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