Day Four: Ashton to Billings, Montana

Storm near Pocatello, Idaho

We drove into a wonderous storm in Idaho which made the almost unbearable heat of Utah disappear. The Miata is doing a great job keeping us comfortable, dry, cool when it’s hot, and getting great mileage, especially with the higher octane outside California: 32+ mpg.

Stengelmeier's Bed and Breakfast, Ashton, Idaho

After driving for what seemed like hours in the rain down unmarked country roads past farmland planted with both potatoes and wheat, just when we thought we were lost, there was the Bed and Breakfast!  An old Victorian farmhouse, we were upstairs in the log bed.  I got to sleep in!  The smell of bacon frying woke me gently as well as the rooster in the yard.  There were month-old foals, four dogs with fifteen legs (do the math), and NO internet, NO cell signal strength, NO television…you get the picture.  Nothing but long country walks past Yarrow, Lupine, and Chicory. I want to go every year!

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