Day Two: So. Lake Tahoe to Wendover, Utah

Up at six, again.  However, fate had a wonderful surprise in store for us. After a gorgeous cruise through Lake Tahoe, we came to Reno. Was it a diner? Was it a drive-in?  Uh-oh…was it a dive? No!  But Guy Fieri knows a good place to eat when he sees one.  The Dish Cafe, downtown Reno, might fool you into thinking you were in some kind of farmhouse.  Homemade breads, breadpuddings, muffins, omlets, ciabatta…all from local sources.  Free-range eggs, artisan bacon, blueberries, honeydew melon.  All the tables were dressed in oil cloth tablecovers, and the same craftsman made lunch bags from oil cloth. Jim bought me a yellow one with lime-green gingham gussets.  It was truly a diamond in the rough, and some of the best coffee we have had yet.  Thank you, Guy!

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