What can I say? I love the southwest. Gorgeous scenery and regional (hot! Oh my goodness hot!) peppers on a breakfast burrito from a place that has burlap bags of coffee beans sitting on the floor when you walk in. Mmmmm. 

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New Mexico never disappoints 

Alas, most of the trees in Colorado have had  a viscous wind recently blow all their leaves off.

However, we’re seeing a bit of golden and green in this state.


Autumn 2017

This Wednesday will be the start of our first post-retirement road trip. I cannot tell you how many years I have been waiting to travel when leaves are turning in the fall.

This trip has a joyous destination. My baby is getting hitched in Pioneer Town next Saturday and we shall be there to celebrate with all!



A Day Away

After 2- 1/2 months at our old home/new garage in Fowler, CO, we decided it was time to get away. We are half-way through construction phase 2, and the contractor disappointed us, yet again. But THAT’s another chapter!

We set out west to Pueblo on the I-50 around noon.


IMG_1006There are canals, rivers, and streams here in southeast Colorado. This one is Huerfano Creek.

Although ostensibly looking for several different locales in Colorado Springs, the highlight of the day was finding Bear Creek Dog Park. With a creek running through it, it was nineteen acres of human and dog trails.





Gretchen, Stella, Clark, and Luis (not to mention Jim and myself) enjoyed our day away immensely!

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Almost there!

Monday was a long hot drive on I-40. Needles was 122 degrees. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that hot a temperature!

Today was much more temperate. We left Flagstaff, AZ. and arrived in Las Vegas, NM. about 4. Beautiful countryside.

Fowler tomorrow. Our realtor will let us in. Home!

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And so, we go. 

After what has to be the longest day ever, we finally received a phone call from the driver of the car transport vehicle. 

We have booked two adjoining rooms in Flagstaff, AZ, for tomorrow night. We are really hoping the road rises up to meet us and we get to Fowler before the movers and the transporters!!!

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Laundry night

Since the washer and dryer are probably half-way to Colorado now, we found it necessary to find a laundromat in Camarillo. They are rated. Although not the highest ranked, the Fluff and Fold was three doors down from Trader Joe’s. And I’m going to need dark chocolate. 

Did you know that the washer was $6?  Holy Moly! The dryer was .25 for every five minutes. I am out of touch. 
Tom Petty says it best: “the waiting is the hardest part.”

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